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The Lamppost

Did you realize that NEPC has a wonderful library right in the heart of our campus?  It’s called The Lamppost and we’re located right inside the Atrium in our Grand Hall!  

•Our PURPOSE is to complement, assist and strengthen our various ministries at NEPC and you in your walk with Christ by providing quality books, resources and programs.  
•Our GOAL is to enable and encourage each of you in the body of Christ to grow in your knowledge and application of Scripture, to deepen your understanding of the Christian life, and to enjoy wholesome recreational reading, all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  
•Our DESIRE is that the Lamppost will be a place where you will enjoy encouraging fellowship and easy access to enriching books, CD’s, DVD’s and audio books.

To learn how to get involved, email Lynn Wright, Lamppost Director

ADULTS — A full selection of reading materials fills our shelves.  Every genre in fiction and nonfiction is represented on a wide variety of subjects from marriage and family, apologetics, biblical commentaries and self-help to historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and fantasy. Magazines, including Christianity Today, Sports Spectrum, and World, audio books and DVD’s are also available. Many of you have expressed interest in finding a good website that addresses and explains the position our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, holds on a variety of topics.  The  PCA Historical Center website is an excellent source that explains the Church’s position on various theological (infant baptism, spiritual gifts, etc.) and social  (divorce abortion, etc.) issues.  To learn more, click here.

CHILDREN — In the children’s section of the Lamppost, also located in the Atrium, our younger readers enter through a wardrobe into the make-believe world of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia.  Inspired by Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia novels, visitors also enjoy looking at the replicas of scenes from Lewis’ Narnia tales on the walls, sitting on a majestic mahogany throne by a gleaming brass lamppost, and experiencing the full effect of the Narnian atmosphere.  The best of children’s literature fills the bookshelves along with a wide array of children’s nonfiction resources, all selected and designed to enhance spiritual growth and wholesome pleasure in young hearts.  We also offer a variety of family-friendly DVD’s that will make Family Movie Night extra special!

We always love having new volunteers to join our exciting ministry and would love to add your name! It takes a very small time commitment and is so much fun! To learn how you can get involved, contact Director of the Lamppost Lynn Wright at 451-4627 or email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .